We know renting can be a pain.

That’s why we founded Mortar – to make it better.

We use technology to help power property.

Our systems share information, building a more integrated and effective property sector.


Mortar is a software system that delivers intelligent, user-led solutions; enabling people and businesses to share information, integrate services and improve experiences.

We know how important it is to receive the right information, advice and support at the right time.

Mortar makes this happen.

Digital identities

Mortar empowers people by ensuring they have access to their data and safe services to share and utilise it effectively.

We verify identities and transactions, increasing security and reducing the risk of fraud.

Better payments

Mortar creates clarity over financial transactions and balances, using intelligent arrears detection to automate correspondence and notifications.

Our flexible payment plans and schedules help people out of arrears and free up precious time and resources.

Building trust

We are changing the game.

By transforming how information is being created Mortar enables the delivery of a new generation of user-led services and products; built to operate responsibly and to benefit the end-user, the tenant.

Get in touch

We work in partnership with both the private and public sector to develop our services.

To learn more about our work, access our services, or build a partnership to help benefit your business, then please send us a message.