We know renting can be a pain.

That’s why we founded Mortar – to make it better.

We’re building a new renting community. One that’s simpler, fairer, and led by tenants.

(Don’t worry, landlords – we love you, too.)
Collect your references in one space

Keep your reference history as a ‘passport’ ready for when you move.

Add your credit check and improve it while you rent

Prove your creditworthiness quickly and cheaply.

Keep your deposit safe

Secure your deposit, and get it back the day you check out.

Message transparently

Communicate securely and transparently in one space.

Collect references

Getting new references every time you move house is a pain. With Mortar Referencing, you can build your own tenant reference – and keep it forever. Our referencing reduces admin fees putting you in charge of your referencing and in control of your data.

Get a credit check

They might not sound fun but credit checks are pretty important. With Mortar you can link your account to credit rating agencies – so every time you pay your rent, it helps your rating. Mortar Credit accounts also give you better value products, offers and opportunities such as cheaper bills and mortgage brokerage facilities.

Keep your deposit safe

Waiting for your landlord to return your deposit can be pretty stressful. Mortar gives you a linked security deposit account and a synchronised deposit balance. We provide notifications and confirmation requests for deposit deductions, and offer a same-day checkout scheme so that your deposit’s back in your pocket the same day that you leave the property.

Message transparently

Good communication is essential in any relationship – especially renting. Link your Mortar account with your housemates, landlord and agent to chat securely and transparently in one space. You’ll also get notifications about maintenance, visits and payments. Got a problem? Raise it here and the Mortar team’s on hand to help.

Mortar for landlords

Mortar offers landlords and agencies a variety of ways to reduce the costs involved in tenant referencing and administration.

We can support landlords and agencies with a wide range of services by linking to your tenant's accounts. So you can communicate effectively, share rent and deposit accounts, and ensure everyone receives notifications, updates and confirmations.

Mortar is launching in Spring 2019. Please contact us for more information: getonboard@mortar.works