Driving the role of data

Drive productivity, expand insights and streamline reporting with advanced solutions for data sharing, acquisition and consent

Data sharing is absolutely integral to the process of decision making; informing operations, reporting, strategy and investment. The transfer, adaptability and organisation of data is growing in importance, whilst at the same time becoming increasingly complex, as data sets get larger and more data sources are made available.

Some of the most important sources of data, our customer, client and user data, also requires the correct protocols in how it is obtained and utilised. Acquiring data consent and making data available to all stakeholders is a delicate balance of trust, purpose and understanding. The way in which data is acquired and presented reflects the quality of these relationships as well as the significance of the benefits that data can offer to each party.

Mortar's turnover acquisition interface for commercial landlords and occupiers to share data

Building cohesive data environments; a unified source of accurate information

Mortar's AI engine simplifies the complex process of organising and interpreting large data sets. Our universal data adaptor makes it possible for varying formats and types of data to be acquired and organised into a single, unified and Cohesive Data Environment (CDE). A Mortar CDE provides the connectivity necessary for data to be obtained using web services, automatically capturing data to be analysed in real-time.

Mortar's AI engine uses this environment to process and compare large data sets, searching for distinct patterns and behaviours, but also searching for the outliers and anomolies that can present a broader range of scenario and stress testing, more accurate forecasting and alternative forms of predictive analysis.

Screenshot showing AI turnover acquisition data for commercial real estate

Multiple interfaces for multiple users to share real-time data

This movement in data acquisition is changing the way whole sectors are able to engage with their customers, stakeholders and users. Mortar enables the provision of multiple interfaces that have different outputs depending on the privelages of the user; presenting data in different ways so that the benefits of data acquisition can be shared with all stakeholders.

Data analysis is not just about how data is captured and interpreted. It is a method of engaging customers and stakeholders. Effective user on-boarding is vital to obtaining the necessary data consent from the user, and Mortar co-creates products that are advancing methods in fulfilling user identity verification, Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, and Anti Money Laundering (AML) services.

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