Custom engagement environments

Places and partnerships need tailored support in the design and delivery of their services and systems. Using our framework we can help you create the solution that your local networks, teams and users need. Delivering better 'front-door' and customer service outcomes through custom network, membership, accreditation and training environments.

The challenges of communication and change

The rapid pace of change puts tremendous stress on services and systems to communicate effectively with their users. Many services rely on specific forms of information, the impact and reach of which can be greatly diminished simply by no longer having accessible pathways, or the right structure for managing communication and responding to users.

The connection between how you communicate and the structure of your organisation is incredibly strong. As organisation's change and restructure often services become disjointed, siloed, and focus is lost on user experience and outcomes.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

We have encountered this scenario countless times and we have been building Mortar's framework to help support you and your team to cut through the noise and challenges to deliver the targeted and focused service your users need.

Our cloud-based and modular framework enables you to flexibly adopt the technology and design you need, whilst our expertise and experience can guide you in the Service Design Package necessary to ensure effective transition and integration within your organisation.

The building blocks of successful services

The right service environment can bring your users together in powerful ways, to create the network effects and the sharing of information needed to pursue meaningful and impactful change.

Using our modular framework we have created many different environments for connecting people and places. Our modules act as the building blocks upon which your service can begin to adopt the technology needed to increase capacity and reach more users.

For the Mayor of London we redesigned their Dementia Friendly Venues Charter, utilising our accreditation and training modules to make it easier and more convenient for venues across the capital to access the information and guidance they needed to become an accredited organisation.

In the London Borough of Hackney we utilised our membership and communication modules to deliver an accessible engagement campaign for older residents, and a platform for managing a network of 40 community and cultural organisations.

In Cheshire and Gloucestershire we applied a customised version of our triage and directory modules to help teachers assess the needs of young people at risk of exclusion.

An example user interface for navigating recommended local area resources as part of Cheshire's Directory of What Works supporting young people at risk of exclusion
A geospatial listings page for a membership network, supporting the coordination of participation opportunities for older residents in Hackney

Reach out for support

If you are at a point where you need advice or support with either technology or service design then do reach out. Whatever type of service you are engaged in and whatever stage you are at in either delivery or re-organisation, we can support you in finding the best environment for you and your users. We are looking forward to hearing from you.