Tenancy sustainment tool for the Mayor of London

Working with the Mayor of London's Challenge London team we have developed the Tenancy Sustainment Tool, aimed at reducing the vulnerability of those at risk of losing their home. Evictions and homelessness continues to increase and inequalities around access to information and opportunities is growing for residents in both the public and private housing sector.

Our tenancy sustainment tool presents solutions for improving early stage interventions and more preventative forms of engagement. The tool offers improved methods for delivering vital information in more accessible formats and at the same time improves case management at the point of first contact for landlords and housing managers, creating more effective referral pathways and signposting actions.


Module Description
User triage Assesses the needs of the user and applies our custom algorithms for delivering recommended resources
Directory management Enables administrators and service providers to add and manage resources and opportunities
Global API Provides access to our national housing directory HARS (Housing Advice and Resources Service) providing resources across seven domains of advice and guidance
Case management A suite of tools for creating cases, monitoring user progress through resources and assessments, and applying actions based on risk and prioritisation.
Risk monitoring Provides the administrator with a real-time dataset on case progress and an analysis of case risk
Prioritisation and recommendation Interfaces that help identify priority cases and recommend appropriate actions

Accessible and up-to-date information

Being able to provide information in the appropriate language, in accessible formats, and relevant to the resident's situation and needs is tremendously challenging. The regulatory and legislative environment is changing constantly, new services and opportunities receive funding at different times, and people's situations can change suddenly and dramatically. Our Global API provides an accurate set of housing related resources through access to HARS (Housing Advice and Resources Service) offering information and guidance to both residents and officers across seven different domains of support. So time can be best spent supporting priority cases and applying earlier stage engagement.

Case management from the point of first contact

For priority cases our triage and assessment forms can be conducted by the tenant or through assisted capture on the phone or in person to establish a case. This aids more effective case management, opening cases right from the point of first contact and automatically assessing needs during the process to deliver more effective recommendations, actions and decisions. To improve data portability and create quicker, more efficient and impactful referrals we are working with our partners across commmunity services, housing and local government to develop a comprehensive web service of sector and software integrations.

An example user triage screen for supporting residents in capturing language preferences and accessing appropriate resources
An example user assessment screen for updating the household situation and understanding requirements

Early intervention and building better human relationships

Although the advance of new technologies is exciting and offers many opportunities to help both residents and officers, these relationships are built on trust and a consistent quality of engagement. As interfaces change, and the ways in which we interact with one another evolve, we need to become more ambitious and creative with how we combat digital exclusion and respond to the needs of those most excluded, at risk and vulnerable.

If you are interested in how our Tenancy Sustainment Tool works to support the digital transformation of housing services, whilst putting human relationships at the heart of our design principles and outcomes, please do get in touch. We are designing new systems with our partners that offer more holistic forms of continuous engagement, monitoring and referral, especially at the most difficult and stressful moments.

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