Reducing school exclusions in Cheshire

The Directory of What Works is a tool for schools and local authorities to promote better pathways for young people into local area services. The tool combines the use of data with local knowledge and lived experience, and works towards standardising data-sharing practices to create better referral and signposting opportunities.


Module Description
Directory management Enables administrators to add and manage resources, local offers and opportunities
Service cards Part of a suite of accessibility modules creating uniform, sharable and printable content for signposting
User triage Assesses the needs of the user and applies our custom algorithms for delivering recommended resources
Data visualisation Provides the product owner with access to the tool's dataset and a tailored view of selected subsets

An early engagement service

The impact of a school exclusion is enormous. The increasing rates of exclusion and the inequality associated with exclusion rates amongst certain groups of young people is a national problem. Local areas need flexible support in the design and delivery of an effective evidence-led response.

Our tool presents a tailored triage module, for helping teachers assess the needs of a young person, allowing them to specify what types of alternative support might be of interest or preferred. The tool then creates a recommended selection of accredited local area services and organisations, making the process of sharing information with young people, families and carers more personalised, quicker and easier.

Tailored What Works comms pages for capturing information and engaging users in the triage process
The directory listings interface presenting recommended services and opportunties for signposting and referral

Reach out for support

School exclusion is one of many broad social issues in which the defined problem is a symptom of complex issues people face in our highly fragmented systems. Early support in recommending potential services and alternative opportunities is therefore essential.

If you work in these complex fields, battling with fragmented systems, and you want to standardise your practices of user assessment, signposting and referrral, then please do get in touch.

We can deliver a single service or point of contact for your users and deliver the scalable solution you need. Saving you time and money in the deployment of your service, your application of data and intelligence, and the improvement of your users' experience and outcomes.

Whatever stage you are at in either delivery or planning, we can support you with the right service for you and your users and look forward to hearing from you.

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