Progress Online for Humber and Yorkshire

Progress Online is a tailored implementation of our Digital Inclusion Triage Tool for East Riding, developed in partnership with the Humber and Yorkshire Integrated Care Board. For East Riding the tool is establishing a new Digital Inclusion Network, working to engage residents in early interventions across a huge, rural, geographic area.


Module Description
Global API Provides the user with resources from our national digital inclusion directory as well as from their local area directory
Directory management Enables the administrator and service partners to add and manage their local offer resources and build a local area directory
Account creation Enables the operation and management of a service provider network and gives service providers the ability to create resources on the local area directory
Data visualisation Provides the product owner with access to the tool's dataset and a tailored view of selected subsets
User triage Assesses the needs of the user and applies our customised digital inclusion algorithm for delivering recommended resources

Understanding and responding to digital inclusion needs

In Humber and Yorkshire there is tremendous inequality in access to information, services and opportunities. In East Riding three of their twenty six wards are in the top 10% most deprived and, with a 93% rural area, isolation is a serious issue. Digital inclusion is therefore a massive strategic priority for ensuring people feel connected, engaged and safe.

For East Riding the need for a tool to help begin creating these connections is essential. A digital solution was needed to identify people's needs, to match them with the services and resouces available, and where unavailable, to demonstrate the demand and represent the case for the services and resources people need.

Our algorithm and global API system work together to deliver recommended resources to users of Progress Online, improving the quality of signposting and referrals
The Digital Inclusion Triage Tool generates a dataset that can be presented and blended with other exclusion data sources

Overcoming local digital inclusion challenges and barriers

The challenges involved in connecting people, especially across large, rural geographic areas, are not going be solved quickly or easily. These challenges need dedicated programmes, local area collaborations and a coordinated distribution and monitoring of resources.

Our Digital Inclusion Triage Tool responds to these challenges by:

  • promoting your local area digital inclusion programme
  • providing the tools to bring together your stakeholders and service providers
  • monitoring signpostings and referrals to your service offer
  • creates the datasets to make more informed digital inclusion decisions

If you are at a point where you need advice or support with developing a local digital inclusion programme, and need tools to help engage your stakeholders and reach your target users, please get in touch. Whatever stage you are at in either delivery or planning, we can support you in designing and delivering the right service and tool for you and your users and look forward to hearing from you.

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