Dementia friendly venue accreditation for London

In response to the ‘postcode lottery’ of support on offer for people with dementia we worked with the GLA to design the Dementia Friendly Venues Charter, supporting hundreds more venues across the capital in becoming dementia friendly and ready to welcome those with dementia, their families and carers.


Module Description
Training and accreditation Provides the user with an environment for navigating through multi-stage resources and undertaking assessments
Account management Enables the administrator to invite and manage users on the system and monitor their progress through accrediation
Account creation Enables users to create an account and join the network of users undertaking accreditation
Data visualisation Provides the administrator with a dataset on service users and their performance in the accreditation process

Developing inclusive programmes and venues

Dementia is one of the biggest health and social care challenges facing London today. There are over 72,000 people with dementia living in London, and this number is set to more than triple within the coming decades. However, tremendous work is necessary to increase awareness of dementia and its impact, shift attitudes, tackle stigma, and convene and coordinate partners to act.

The charter transforms cultural venues for people living with dementia and their carers through a range of dementia-friendly resources, and guides them in understanding how they can develop inclusive programmes and performances, dedicated relaxed sessions, clear signage, designated chill out zones and staff training.

Working alongside the Alzheimer’s Society and the Museum of London the charter gives London venues the opportunity to present dementia more effectively to its staff and volunteers, training them in how their venue offers support to those with dementia and improving their overall awareness in how to work with visitors that require specific access and support needs.

An example training page from one of the five categories of the accreditation process for becoming a Dementia Friendly Venue
An example of a venue's dashboard providing an overview of the accreditation process so far and the questions that remain outstanding

Building better touchpoints and datasets

The tool designed for the Mayor of London creates an automated process for venues to register and become dementia friendly accredited. It also provides officers at the Greater London Authority with a range of data on audience numbers, and the reach and capacity of the cultural sector to serve London's dementia community. This is helping support the business case for further investment into dementia related activities and is helping to highligh areas where there is a need for a more diverse range of engagement opportunities.

In addition the tool provides officers with a real-time view of how venues are progressing through the accreditation process. Offering them the ability to create touchpoints with individual organisations, or groups of orgnanisations as they progress through the sections of the accreditation process. With this overview officers can dictate their workload in delivering additional training and support to venues, as well as continually be able to report effectively on the progress of the charter and initiative as a whole.

Building tailored training and accreditation environments

We are working on making these environments more available to support training and engagement in accessibility more available to all venues and in all geographic areas. If you are interested in bringing better training or accreditation environments to your users and networks then please do get in touch. We can tailor and customise the environment you need to create the best user experience and deliver the best outcomes for your users.

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