A Community Navigation Platform for Hackney

Our Community Navigation Platform enables Hackney Council's culture and public health team to work together to reach and connect with older residents, in particular those living alone. Residents are engaged with tailored community and cultural sector touchpoints, and consistent information in accessible formats; all monitored and powered by our Hoop'd platform to drive more effective early interventions.


Module Description
Geospatial mapping A dynamic map presenting live listings, events and resources
Directory management Enables administrators and service providers to add and manage resources and participation opportunities
Service cards Part of a suite of accessibility modules creating uniform, sharable and printable content for communication channels
Event listings Enables service partners to create and manage resources that have specific durations and recurring dates of delivery
Account creation and accreditation Allows service providers to create verified and accredited accounts for publishing resources
Community management A suite of modules for onboarding users, capturing communication preferences and managing engagement

Tailored preventative and early engagement services

Hackney Circle is a specially designed service for reaching isolated older residents in the borough. It is designed around a free membership programme for older residents, supporting them in staying active, and becoming connected to the borough’s community and cultural offer.

Hackney Circle uses our community navigation platform Hoop’d to manage a network of over 40 cultural partners, promoting current participation opportunities to older residents. As part of the service Hoop’d delivers a set of tools to make engagement easier and more accessible for older residents. This includes managing users, communications, bookings and feedback for all associated partners, including public health link workers and the community navigation team.

Hackney Circle increases the capacity of community and cultural collaboration in the prevention and reduction of health inequality. It’s aims are to:

  • Deliver a social prescribing pathway for the community and cultural sector
  • Reduce loneliness and isolation in the older community
  • Target the engagement of excluded older residents living alone

In Hackney this has involved strategic partnerships with the libraries, lunch clubs and leisure centers. Our outcomes include a programme focused on supporting an integrated library housebound service, and providing assets to support more targeted outreach work with the resident participation team.

The impact of effective community navigation

Hoop’d has established the evidence base for monitoring the effectiveness of the community and cultural sector in reducing and preventing health inequalities. Based on delivering 400 referrals a year for those experiencing moderate to severe loneliness resulting in social activity for the first time the annual savings for the local authority associated with wellbeing, health and work productivity is £3.83m.

This represents a 3,093% Return on Investment (ROI) so that for every £1 invested the model generates a return of £30.97 in terms of the reduction in health related costs associated with loneliness alone. The benefit from improved physical activity will also be measured by the service adding further ROI in the prevention of non-communicable disease and the long-term debilitative impact of complex health-related needs.

Tailored Hackney Circle comms pages for promoting local area partnerships and engaging users in joining the membership
A geospatial listings page for a membership network, supporting the coordination of participation opportunities for older residents in Hackney

Reach out for support

The cost of investing in health prevention is much lower than the cost of treatment after debilitation or disease occurs. Hoop'd delivers a powerful model for creating a tailored and trusted community navigation service for local residents, with the capacity to target specific groups and excluded users with more accessible touchpoints, signposting and referral.

If you are at a point where you need advice or support with developing a local community navigation service, and need help applying service design or technology to help reach your target users, please get in touch. Whatever type of service or local area partnership you are engaged in and whatever stage you are at in either delivery or planning, we can support you in designing and delivering the right service for you and your users. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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