Designed for co-creation

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford

The building of Mortar's framework and tools is a constant process and one that benefits tremendously from being able to support our customers and their users in collaborating and co-creating solutions to the real world problems they encounter.

We have built Mortar's core framework to be able to support this process of co-creation, to make the exciting new tools and technologies that are driving digital transformation more affordable and more flexible.

Customised modules and interfaces

Alongside our core system sits a growing suite of customisable modules and tools that grow in their development and sophistication with each new project and custom implementation. Some of our recent work has involved the following types of co-created and customised solutions:

  • More effective cloud based environments for the capture and analysis of user engagement data
  • Creating dynamic and responsive large-scale directories of local area information
  • Informing decision making with bespoke case-worker interfaces and the application of predictive and behavioural analytics

Improving services

With all of our clients, regardless of how they engage with our existing products and platforms such as Hoop'd, Ditto and Balance, we collaborate in the co-design and delivery of the specific tools and interfaces that their users need, to drive as much impact as possible in transforming their legacy systems and improving the quality and efficiency of the services they deliver.

If you need to develop and improve your existing services or systems, and want to engage your team, officers and users in the process of its successful design and implementation, please get in touch; we are perfectly positioned to create the environment of collaboration and co-creation you're looking for.

Co-creating solutions with service design and user-testing workshops

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