Bringing people together

As people and communities drift further apart, Hoop'd builds environments that bring us closer together.

Hoop'd is a highly customisable Information, Advice and Service System (IASS) designed to support communities, networks and groups by reaching people more effectively with impactful information.

Existing systems for communication are poorly designed. They are riddled with bias and asymettry in how information is created, accessed and distributed. This makes services increasingly difficult and time-consuming to manage. As the quality, accuracy and relevance of our information has deteriorated so too have our relationships, making it increasingly difficult to build trust and confidence with our users. Worst of all, those most at risk of isolation and exclusion are becoming more isolated and more excluded as a result, trapping services within a socially destructive downward spiral.

Making information more dynamic and accessible

Hoop'd transforms large amounts of complex information, improving accessibility and enhancing the provision of specific services.

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Whether for individual businesses or for large-scale partnerships Hoop'd delivers more tailored environments for sharing information and tools for creating more accessible and equitable methods of communication.

It is time-consuming for businesses to organise and promote services, activities and engagement opportunities. It is even more difficult to keep shared systems and directories accurate and up to date.

These are serious problems, experienced daily by frontline staff across a wide range of organisations and businesses. Problems that stop people from receiving the care and support they require, that restrict access to financial services and opportunities, and that stop people from engaging and participating in their local communities.

Tailored environments to deliver your services more effectively

Hoop'd is an information and engagement platform, but we can tailor how it captures and presents information. This allows Hoop'd to capture and create new data sets, responding to your specific community or local area to provide you with a better, more informed, bespoke service. Some of our current projects include:

  • Delivering the Mayor of London's Dementia Friendly Venues Charter
  • Running Hackney's information and membership service for older residents
  • Designing the Cultural Referral Platform with public health and Queen Mary University
  • Delivering local area information for Housing and community partnerships

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To find out more about Hoop'd you can get in touch with us by emailing: office@mortar.works You can also visit the Hoop'd website: www.hoopd.co.uk

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