Digital Triage Tools

Navigating large amounts of information has become daunting and time consuming, with huge amounts of information becoming increasingly inaccessible and irrelevant.

Ditto uses the process of triaging users to make it easier for people to find the information they want and need more quickly. This boosts engagement and improves referrals, but it also saves tremendous amounts of time for front line staff, businesses and companies whilst creating rich, new datasets and insights associated with the needs and behaviours of targeted user groups.

Examples of Ditto's user triage interfaces for capturing user data

How does Ditto work

Ditto enables the creation of a customised triage environment allowing organisations to identify and assess their users needs in relation to their own specific services and resources.

The triage environment operates alongside a dynamic directory, with tailored information and service cards to deliver more effective and efficient user journeys and experiences; all made possible by Mortar's framework, providing bespoke algorithms and APIs that ensure users are being provided with the most appropriate information.

Examples of Ditto's management interfaces for analysing data and building directories

What type of products does Ditto support

Ditto is being used to deliver the Local Government Association's Digital Inclusion Directory, trialled with the London Borough of Havering and soon to enter into its Beta phase of delivery. It is being used to provide accreditation services for cultural organisations for the Greater London Authority, and to support education professionals in Cheshire and Gloucestershire assess the needs of young people at risk of exclusion.

Why is Ditto needed

The digitalisation of many services has led to increasingly poor user experience.

Many systems just weren't designed to hold so much information and traditional websites and directories do not offer effective methods for finding and displaying different types of information, or catering for different types of users.

As a result many services have grown to become less accessible, and the information held in them has become out of date, inaccurate, or simply inappropriate. Confidence for users in using such systems is low and engagement levels fall, making the work of staff difficult and in many cases impossible.

Building better designed information, and systems for how it is accessed, is essential for services to grow, to evolve, and to become more equitable and accessible. This is essential in enabling services to more effectively capture and make use of reliable user data, a necessity for improving the quality and efficiency of service provision.

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