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Collaborate and Co-create using an advanced AI engine and suite of development tools

Achieving digital transformation at speed requires more than technology. Two other things are just as critical. First, agility: delivering change through quick steps, learning as you go. Second, adoption: taking your people with you. PwC, Accelerating Digital Transformation

Mortar works in partnership to deliver AI solutions for multiple sectors with a strong emphasis on consumer products, real estate, and financial services. We are especially committed to resolving issues for companies concerning financial integrity and data sharing, and we are motivated by companies that share our aspirations for a future consumer-led economy.

rent-flex product allowing tenants to change their rent schedule

Consumer-led services and products require a strong committment to digital transformation. They are based upon the sharing of data and in many cases require the adoption of automation and machine learning. The delivery of a new product or application is therefore secondary to the development of a company's working practices and data sharing infrastructure. To engage the consumer and efficiencies and savings, accurate, real-time information is required, often starting with the quality of financial systems and processes.

Digital engagement and the application of AI

The movement to real-time data analysis and the transformation of traditional business and financial processes happens in stages. In bespoke product and service development Mortar works with existing digital teams to tackle difficult problems, so as to start working towards the desired solution. Many barriers are encountered and the process of applying AI often throws up unexpected areas to explore and whole new case studies for potential development.

Screenshot showing AI assisted blended data analysis

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